Identify the following quantities as being either a time, displacement, velocity, or acceleration measurement based on its units. Help

1. mi 5. ft/week 9. rod
2. h 6. cm/h·min 10. link/yr
3. nanosec 7. mm/min2 11. min
4. fathom/s 8. parsec 12. barn/yr·month

List the variables that are given in the following statements. Follow the format that is described in the reading. Help

A runner moves at 10 m/s while slowing down at 2 m/s2 for 3 seconds

Example Answer for this problem
vo= 10 m/s
a = -2 m/s2
t = 3 s


A car is moving at 22.5 m/s when it begins to speed up at 5 m/s2 for the next 11 seconds.

14. A cat slows down at 2 m/s2 while traveling across 8.00 m in 4 seconds.
15. A ball is moving at 7.00 m/s when it comes to a rest after traveling 5.00 m.
16. A stone is dropped from the roof, 30 ft from the ground, 9.144 m.
17. At a track meet a sprint runs the 50-meter dash. At the sound of the starter's pistol the sprinter begins her race. She reaches a top speed of 11 m/s in 9.5 m.
18. A baseball is tossed straight up. It leaves the ball player's hand at 15 m/s and travels up for 1.1 seconds until it hits the underside of a tree branch.
19. A bowling ball leaves the bowler's hand at 21 m/s and travels 18.3 m in 0.6 seconds.
20. A cat rolls out of a second story window from rest and safely lands on its feet 6.1 meters below.
21. Convert 15 m/s2 to g's. Help
22. Convert 4 g's to m/s2. Help
23. A car is moving at 25 m/s when it experiences an acceleration of 15 m/s2 for 5.6 m. Convert the acceleration to g's. Help

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