AP-B Physics

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  Unit Resources
Syllabus and
Learning Objectives

Detailed file showing the all learning objectives for AP physics

Chapter 1
Kinematics Review

Do You Remember? Activity
Formulas from kinematics
Identifying the givens Notes
Kinematics problem solving review Notes
Segmented Race Problem
Race Style Problem Notes
For more details see the presentations in the honors section.
Extra Kinematics Problems
Answers to review problems 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15
Review problems
Book Answers
Answer to all Kinematics problems from the workbook.

Chapter 2  
Chapter 3

Projectile Motion Tutorial from "The Physics Classroom"
Projectile Motion Review
Projectile Motion: working backwards to find Vo.
Projectile Motion: Finding height at a given range.
Projectile Motion Lab1
Projectile Motion Lab 2
Air Powered Rocket Lab (pdf file)
Solutions to selected worksheet problems

Chapter 4
Newton's Laws and Freebody Diagrams

Vector Math: (Tutorial Requires Shockwave) What is a vector and how are vectors added and substracted.
Object on an Incline: What factors affect an object as it slides up and down an incline.
Object on an incline with STATIC friction.
Object on an incline with KINETIC friction.
Presentation Friciton
Presentaion on Friction (Animated Flash version)
Presentation Freebodies with Examples
Presentation Freebodies Part 1 of 2 (Animated Flash Version)
Flow Chart for deciding forces
PreLab Homework
Note chart
Identifying worksheet page 1 (pdf)
Identifying Worksheet page 2 (pdf)

Solutions to some book problems: (These are Acrobat files.)
Theee are good to see some other worked example problems. The original questions are in the back of chapter 4. 17 33 45 59
Answers to 26,27,49 and 62 and more
Answers to problems

Chapter 5

00 Energy introduction and energy flow diagrams
01 Conservation of Energy Review
02 Work; Changing the total energy
03 Notes on spring potential energy
04 Power
Answers to selected problems
Energy Review Worksheet

Chapter 6
Momentum and Impulse

Notes 01 Intro
Notes 02 Impulse Linear Collisions
Notes 03 Glancing Collisions
Notes 04 Collisions and Energy Conservation
Class Examples for colisions and recoil
Worksheet answers (Extra)
Class Momentum Art Sheet (pdf)
Momentum Presentation Drawings (pdf)
Worksheet problems (pdf)
Homework answers
Air Track Simulator

Chapter 7
Uniform Circular Motion Combined with Newton's Law of Universal Gravity

Intro Notes
Class Example Problems for uniform circular motion
Example Problems
Worksheet Answers
Circular Motion WS review for Universal Gravity
Orbital Mechanics Notes
Orbital Mechanics Worksheets
Solutions to selected Worksheet problems

Chapter 8

Classnotes: Intro
Classnotes: Problem solving

Some answers to book problems
More torque questions
WS page 304.pdf
Example answer for the first problem on page 304
WS page 305.pdf
Selected answers

Chapter 9/10
Fluid Dynamics

Worksheet problem #9 from class
Class Worksheet's Problems
Notes 01: Density, Pressure, Pascal's Principle
Notes 02: Pressure at Depth, Flow Rate, Continuity Equation, Bernoulli's Equation
Notes03: Buoyancy
Selected answer to book problems

Review Slide Show
Extra Worksheet

Chapter 12

Notes 01: Intro -Temperature and heat transfer
Notes 02: Molecular Theory
Notes 03: Thermodynamic processes and cycles
Notes 04: Heat Engines
Notes 05: Entropy
Class Worksheet-pdf file
Class Worksheet Problems - Answers
REVIEW Slide Show
Last review problem in the Slide Show above

PV Worksheet
Selected answers to book and woorkbook problems
––––––––––– Study help below ––––––––––
Video from Montery about the Ideal Gas Law
Video from Montery about thermodynamics
Online Flash ards and Quizlet Review
A second set of flash cards with PV diagrams
Answers to selected problems from the shared file

SImple Harmonic Motion, Sound and Waves

Simple Harmonic Motion Notes
Simple Harmonic Motion Problems
Sound Lab (It will open in a new window)
Sound Lab (WORD File)

  Ideal Gas Laws Review, Kinetic Theory, Latent Heat, and Heat flow Summary

Ch 14/15


Notes 01: Intro to electric fields
Notes 02: Coulomb's Law
Notes 03: Electric fields due to point charges
Notes 04: Electric potential for point charges
Answers and some lecture notes to e-fields between plates problems

Some answers to book problems covering Coulomb's law, e-fields and electric potential

Electrostatics Unit Summary Worksheet (pdf file)
Vector Component Review Answers
Video Help for solving probelms using Coulomb's Law, the electric field, and the electric potential due to point charges.
Some answers to the worksheets on Coulomb's Law
Practice test with video solutions

Ch 16


Notes 01: Intro to capacitance and applications
Notes 02: Circuit reduction with capacitance
BASIC Theory of capacitors
How to Make a Capacitor from a 35mm Film Canister
Capacitor Circuit Worksheet
Capacitance Problem Solving Steps Presentation

Answers to worksheet and selected problems from the book.

Ch 17

Current & Resistance

Basic notes
Answers to selected problems

Ch 18

Advanced Circuit Analysis
(Kirchoff's Laws)

Basics Circuits and Kirchoff's Laws Presentation
Finding the potential difference between two points in a circuit.

Kirchoff's Laws Circuit Pre-Lab (pdf file)
Answers to problems

Kirchoff's Electronic Lab from ExploreLearning.com-pdf file
Video help: Including how to use rref (row reduction echelon form.

Ch 19 /20


Introduction part 1 of 2
Introduction part 2 of 2
Open Right Hand Rule (Force on a current carrying wire nad moving charge.)

Closed Right Hand Rule (B-field generated by a moving charge.)
Lenz's Law, Faraday's Law, Motional Emf
Applications Notes
Homework answers
Quizlet game/quiz for magnetism (26 questions)
VIDEO help

Ch 22 Light Intro

Background notes (01)
Problem Solving Notes (02)
Some Solutions
Summary Light Concepts Worksheet
Snell's Law Lab

Ch 23 Geometrical Optics

Curved Spherical Mirrors (Ray Tracing and math)...Notes
Mirrors and math ...summary
Extra Worksheet for mirrors using the mirror equation
The optical Bench Worksheet
Answers to the mirror math problems from the book
Answers to 18, 29, 31,32,42
Answers to Lenses book problems
Ray Tracing for lenses
Mirror Ray Tracing Worksheet Answers

Answers to the extra mirror problems worksheet

Ch 24 Wave Optics

Notes: Superposition, Double Slit, Single Slit, Thin Film Interference
Answers to some book problems
Group Activity

Ch 26 Modern Notes for modern physics
Ch 28 Nuclear Decay Notes for Nuclear Decay processes
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AP Exam Review Materials -online

If you are pressed for time, focus most (not all) of your efforts on second semester topics starting with light and lenses.

http://www.kineticbooks.com/examreview/exam.php?pset_id=1&bcat_id=1 Reveiw set of questions. If you are pressed for study time, focus on chapters 12 and higher in their list. The collection is by no means comprehensive of the entire syllibus.
http://www.bowlesphysics.com/apnotes.html This is a collection of conceptual inventory questions and answers by Ken Bowles. It is a good review. Many of the pages include multiple topics. Do the concept inventory questions before looking at any of his notes. This is a great collection of AP notes. However it covers the older AP-B currculum. This means it does not cover fluids and has to much depth on Quantum and nuclear.


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Curriculum for 2007-2008

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by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)