My Classes' Blogs

These links will take you to my various blogs at Each class has its own blog. Each blog describes what happened in class that day, the homework, and any other class specific announcements. Assignments will be sent out on snow days via the classes blog. The blogs are at because blogspot's blogs are very versatile. They are set up so you can read them with a typical web browser or a smart phone. You can also use an RSS reader such as Google's "Feed reader" to automatically get updates from the blog without loading the the whole blog.

1st period on your schedule. 1st red block.
2nd period on your schedule. 1st blue block.
3rd period on your schedule. 2nd red block.
4th period on your schedule. 2nd blue block.
5th period on your schedule. 3rd red block.
6th period on your schedule. 3rd blue block.
7th period on your schedule. 4th red block.
8th period on your schedule. 4th blue block.

RSS stands for Read Simple Syndication. When a site is set up for an RSS feed, it lists headline to an article (or in this case my blog.) Facebook, news sites, blogs, and many others have RSS feeds. Some web browsers, such as Rock Melt (for the Mac), show RSS feeds on sides of the screen while letting you web browse in the middle. Other web browsers may require a plug-in or extension. If you use an iGoogle page, then you are familiar with RSS feeds. That is what an iGoogle page is made from.

If you use a RSS feed reader such as your customized iGoogle homepage or Google Reader you can click this button and select the blog you want to add your your page. (These features are not part of the the GoogleApps the county uses. You will need a regular Google Docs/Gmail account to use these.

Add to Google

If you are using a different feed reader then enter the appropriate address below to link to its blog.

  Block, period This is the link to paste into your RSS feed reader
  Red 1, period 1
  Red 2, period 3
  Red 3, period 5
  Red 4, period 7
  Blue 1, period 2
  Blue 2, period 4
  Blue 3, period 6
  Blue 4, period 8

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)