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Example #1
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Near Charlottesville's airport there is a piece of roadway called a "roundabout." The main feature of this piece of road is the circle vehicles travel on. A car travels around this road in diameter of 30.0 m at 7.00 m/s. How much time does it take to travel 1/2 way around the circle?


From maps.google.com "airport Road, Charlottesville, VA" accessed on 12/31/2012



Example #2
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In a special stunt at a drag race, a 72.5 kg stuntman holds onto the rear of car as it drifts around in circles. He drifts in a circle with a radius of 8.50 meters with a speed of 11.2 m/s. What force must he hold onto the car with?


This video can be found at http://youtu.be/FSGTXqgTzFQ


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