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Loop Design and Anaylsis

Here is a ball traveling around a vertical loop. What are some of the things we can analyze for this motion that relates to circular motion. To begin with look at the free body diagram of all the force acting on the ball as it enters the loop.
In this situation, the net force is the centripetal force. the normal force, exerted by the track, is the force felt by the rider -that the ball in this model. So not the free body diagram looks like this.
With this free body diagram we can start to sum up the forces in the y-direction.
This analysis holds for the top and bottom of any curved motion. It does need to part of an actual loop.


To investigate the different types of loops and their designs, do this activity. https://goo.gl/LnL3xu



A rider on a roller coaster is traveling at 225 m/s while at curved roller coaster hill. The hill has a radius of 10 m/s. How many g's does the rider feel?




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