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You will need the "Dimensional Analysis Fact Sheet t osolve some of these questions. The fact sheet is after the questions.

You can either print this page or number your paper and answer the questions.



How many average walking paces are between here and the west side of Richmond, 65 miles away? (page 1)


If you were to eat nothing but frenchfries for every meal, (3 meals per day,) you would consume 0.24494 metric tonnes of fries in one year. How many pounds of frenchfries is this? (page 1)




A jumping spider can scurry at 560 mm/s, how many miles/hour is this? (page 2)


When Halley's comet is close to the sun, it will travel 8640000 km/day, how many miles per hour is this? (page 2)


Using a "Pad Painter" a person can paint 32 ft2 in 47 seconds. How many square meters/hour is this, (assuming the pad does need to "re-inked?") (page 3)



by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)