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The Physics Classroom Animatation covering introductory electrostic principles
Definition of the electric field
Lightning How lightning works from "How Stuff Works."
Electric Field The Electric field from "How Stuff Works."
Inteactive e-field experiment From
Many of these require the ShockWave plug-in available from Macromedia
See Electric Fields Interactive One of the better interactive e-field simulations. (Uses JavaScript. This means that some web browsers may not run the simulation properly.)
See Electric Fields This interactive page uses ShockWave plug-in available from Macromedia. It is one of my favorute interactive activities. When doing this activity, ask yourself, "Do these electric force field lines follow the 3 rules for drawing them?"
Many Animated Electrostatics Lessons
Ben Franklin's Kite Experiement Description of the experiment
Van de Graaff animation This is the anotated animation of what you saw in class.
Charging a conductor What happens when you place a charge on a conductor?
Charging an insulator What happens when you place a charge on an insulator?


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)