- Mechanical Energy - 

Unit Reading (click here)
Coaster Animation used to begin the unit
Worksheet to go along with the activity above
All worksheets and problems are in the workbook (Click here) Objectives are in this book too
Presentation Some answers to worksheet questions.
Other Miscellaneous Energy Worksheet answers (Good Practice)
Notes Setup worksheet and answers
Notes Flash cards from class: These will help you memorize the facts.
Presentation Lab: Coefficient of Restitution and Energy
Presentation 01 Energy Intro and some ratio methods slide Slide Show Notes
Presentation 02 conservation of energy in a perfect world Slide Show Notes
Presentation 03 Work and the "Real" world of energy Slide Show Notes
Presentation 04 Power Slide Show Notes
Presentation QOD: Energy and Work (Question of the Day)
Presentation QOD: Energy and Work (Like the lab) (Question of the Day)
  "The Jerk" Roller Coaster WS
MASTERY ASSIGNMENT webpage version
On Line Pre Test: old format
On Line Pre Test: dynamic format


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