Kinematics via Graphical Means


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Simulation Motion on a flat track: online simulator
Simulation Motion on a inclined track: online simulator
notes Help on page 3 problem 4: Finding the slopes.
01 Presentation
Vocabulary and background.
Notes 02 Presentation
Finding and using the slope. Finding a tangent line's slope.
notes 03 - Omit
Finding averages from a graph.
notes 04 Presentation
Using "area" on a graph.
Notes 05 Presentation

Applying everything and using the study aide (mnemonic).

QuickTime video of the "05 Presentation." It will own on a new page. (QuickTime runs on both windows and mac os.) This is a 15 Mb movie.

Click here for the handout that goes with this presentation.
Q.O.D. Picking out what's wrong with the graph.
Q.O.D. Drawing a graph
Q.O.D. Pre-Test Question of the Day
Q.O.D. Question about the graphs
On-Line Quiz On Line Quiz Part 1
On-Line Quiz On Line Quiz Part 2
On-Line Quiz On Line Quiz Part 3
WS Homework answers
HW answers 14-35
WS Homework answers
HW answers 36-50
WS Homework answers
Hw answers 50-77
Mastery Assignment
Mastery Assignment
Mastery assignment for the unit.

These are class lecture "PowerPoints." They are actually flash animations of the slides. Note dotted lines do not show up properly on these animations.
They are a little "buggy." I'm learning the limitations of the translation software. Future animations should work better.
Worksheet Solutions

Define displacement, velocity, acceleration and jerk and relate them to each other shrough slope.
Use the slope to determine velocity, acceleration and jerk for constant motions.

QOD all
Use tangent lines to find slope at a point and draw an estimated "slope" curve. QOD Slope answer
Animation magnifying a tangent line to show how parallel it is to a curve. (This animation is supposed to play in the previous presentation but does not. It will play here. QOD #2
Calculate the avearge velocity on a position vs time and velocity vs time graph. Answers prob. 7
Use the "area" to go from jerk to acceleration; from acceleartion to velocity, and from velocity to dispalcement. Answers 14-35
"Area" practice sheet (Acrobat -pdf file format) Answers 24-27
Answers 36-52
Answers 53-68
Answers 85-91
"Area" practice sheet answers (Acrobat -pdf file format) Answers 103-120
A Student's summary notes Answers pg 21

These tests do NOT cover the entire unit.


ON LINE PRE-TEST (Part 2)-fixed October 2006


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