Rotational Kinematics Title
Use the Internet to help you solve some of these problems. For example if you want to the know the size of something mentioned in the problem, look it up. If needed create a reasonable guess about it after a little research.
1 Bugs on a diskA yellow and pink bug are sitting on a record. Because they are afraid they will not move on the disk. However, the disk will rotate at a slow, but constant, angular speed -with the bugs on it. Which bug will reach the starting point first?

If a car moves in a circle with a radius of 45.0 m, for 217 degrees, then how far has it traveled? Hint



A swing on a play ground moves through an arc of 65.0 degrees, if the path the swing moves through has a sector length of 3.40m, then what is the length of the chin holding the swing up? Hint



An ice skater can spin, 10 times in 5.0 seconds, what is her angular velocity. Hint

Image credit: Angela_Nikodinov,,
Accessed June 23, 2014

5 Calculate "Kyle Baldock's" angular velocity when he does a double back flip. (You may need to use a stop watch. Try opening a second window with this stopwatch website, Hint

This video is sponsored by the Dew Tour and can be found on YouTube at, , (accessed on July 1 ,2014.)


6 Below is the image from a radio tower at an airport. It is watching a single plane make a circular turn. What is the planes angular velocity? (Hint: You have more information than you need in this animation.) Hint

For the ferris wheel below, the mouse acts as a ruler as you move it around. The built in stopwatch can give you the elapsed time. Use these tools to calculate the ferris wheel's angular velocity. Hint


A circular saw spins an 18 cm diameter blade. It takes 1.50 seconds to get to exactly 800 rpm, revolutions per minute from rest. What is the angular acceleration of the blade?Hint
Image credit: by “ToolStop,” accessed June 23,2014.


Circular Saw

etupA child on a swing starts at rest at an angle of 31 degrees from the vertical. By the time the child is at the lowest part of the swing, she is traveling at 0.966 rad/s. It takes 0.30 seconds to change positions. What is the child's angular acceleration? Hint


10 Calculate the angular acceleration of the main rotor on this helicopter as it starts up. Hint

This video titled "MD500 Helicopter engine start and takeoff at KBFI Seattle," is by wa22030. It was accessed on July 4, 2014 and can be found at


11 Below is the image from a radio tower at an airport. It is watching a single fighter jet make a circular turn. What is the Jet's angular acceleration? (Hint: You have more information than you need in this animation.) Hint

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12 Watch the YouTube video below. Calculate how the speed of the foot when it impacts the girl. You will need to make some assumptions about lengths. Next to each assumption in your givens list write the word "estimate," -because we don't assume. :-)

This YouTube video is from and can be found at on YouTube (Accessed on July 1, 2014.


There is a king of ride that goes by many names. Basically you are spun in vertical circle and experience between 1.5 and 2.5 g's. (This is an image of one in the Neatherlands called the "Space-Loop." King's Dominion used to have one called the "Apple Turnover.")

Image by Nesjirien, Wikipedia accessed on July 6, 2014.



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