Every student is expected to have a 3” x 5” or 4" x 6" SPIRAL bound notebook. A spiral bound notebook of index cards instead of paper will last the longest. This notebook will be used as a formula, concept and unit summary collection. (I will model what goes in your notebook during the, "Kinematics by Graphical Means," unit.) It will be turned in the day of a test as you walk in the room. The notebook will count as a separate grade. Late notebooks are not allowed without an acceptable note from an parent or guardian explaining why it is late. (Forgetting it in your friend's car is not an acceptable excuse.) You are not allowed to take notes in it during class.

This notebook will be a study aide. Because of its small size you can carry it around in your pocket. Then in between classes or when you have a few minutes. Pull it out and review parts of the unit. It will also help you to collect all the information before the final exam each semester.

The layout for a notebook page is simple.

  1. At the top of each page is the title of the unit.
  2. This is followed by the formula itself.
  3. Under the formula will be a list of the variables and their definitions.
  4. Each definition will have its S.I. units.
  5. Underneath this will be a statement describing how the formula is used and/or any hints or pitfalls to its use.
  6. You are to put only ONE formula on each page. You may write on the back of the pages. You may write in pen or pencil. Neatness is part of your grade. If a formula has been introduced in a previous unit and is used in the same manner in the current unit, then the formula does not need to be rewritten.
  7. After the formulae pages, you are to write any concepts we discussed.
  8. After this explain what detwermines when to use the stuff in this unit. (You might include any diagrams that would help understand the unit or some of its parts.)
by T. Wayne


August 22, 2010 9:02 PM

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)