Thermodynamics Reading Questions

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1 Which body is absorbing more energy from a 75 degree Fahrenheit room? A person who has been sitting in the room for 30 minutes. A table that was brought in from outside where the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
2 What is that the Kelvin scale measures?
3 Which temperature scale is no longer used by scientists?
4 What happens at "zero" Kelvin?
5 Why doesn't Kelvin scale use degree marks before the symbol for Kelvins, "K?"
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6 What is the average kinetic energy of a monotomic gas at 0 °C?
7 What is the internal energy of a monotomic gas at 0 °C?
8 Thermal energy can be transfered through conduction. Using the equation that describes how quickly energy is transfered through conduction as a hint, describe 4 things you could change about the pictured situation to increase thermal conduction.
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9 If the pressure is doubled in an inflated, but closed, balloon while maintaining the same temperature, then by what ratio does the volume in the balloon change by?
10 A sealed weather balloon is launched at rises very, very, high in the atmosphere. It Helium in the balloon is 1/3 its original temperature, then how did the volume change if the pressure doubled?
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How much work is done by the SYSTEM in the image below?


How much work is done by the SURROUNDINGS in the image below?


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)