This links below are to the acrobat files that make up the handouts. These files are stored on your laptops in "My Documents/PDF Resources/Physics Student workbook." I will refer to these files as your, "workbook." Each file below will click open in a new page.

These files were updated August 22, 2017.
pdf Physics_Student_Workbook_Wayne. This file is so big you should save it to your hard drive for later use if you are not using a laptop. 18 Mb
W If you are a teacher and want to use/edit my files, this link is to a WORD version of the workbook above. (WARNING: This file gets updated as the year goes on, as I create new pages -Which I do all the time.) 25.9 Mb

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)